Making Life a More Peaceful Experience

Yoga. Synergy. Speaking.

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LifeNotes Wisdom aspires to make your life more peaceful. You will learn tips and tools to use in your daily life to feel more empowered. Whether you are looking for direction or connection, LifeNotes Wisdom can offer inspiration through speaking engagements, collaborative workshops, bodymind yoga flow classes, and one on one experiences.

I'm Heather Skoll

Founder and Creative Director

Passionate about PEACE & PEOPLE

As a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, and certified Rubenfeld Synergist, Heather supports people to use their body and breath as a resource towards inner peace.

As a speaker, Heather helps the audience see things from a perspective of positivity, with a possibility of change and peaceful outcome.

As a workshop leader, Heather supports the participants to engage whether they need to find their direction, find connection, or explore an aspect of their journey. Participants will be inspired to take steps toward their own change.

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