What Happens When You Experience an Emotion?

Heat rushing through your body, flushed face, shakiness, increased muscle tension. These are only a few of the physical symptoms that you might experience as a range of emotions move through your body.

Stomach distress, headaches, low energy, disproportionate reactions, and even disease may be the result of emotions left unchecked.

At Reset Zone we understand what emotions are. Think about “e”- motion like “e”-mail. If an email sits in your inbox, the message does not get out to complete a communication. Similarly, emotions need to move to get out of your body as well.

An emotion is meant to move and clue a person into their experience of an interaction. Consider your reaction to a particular event. If you take a moment to observe your flushed face, you might be able to respond with a fitting “That is not okay” or “No”. Then the release of adrenaline can occur, and the intensity of emotion does not have to build up to the point of physical pain.

What if we ignore our physical response, agree even if we don’t want to do something, or allow someone else’s hurtful words to be accepted? We might suffer as a result by losing confidence, feeling victimized, unempowered, and this may also translate to physical and mental health disturbances over time.

According to an article by Andreas Moritz called “Emotional Healing and the Physical Side of Emotions”, your journey towards emotional healing begins with awareness. In his article, Andreas mentions that from an Ayurvedic viewpoint, all negative emotions are rooted in fear.

Fear affects every cell in the body, particularly the kidneys and the adrenal glands. The adrenals respond by secreting adrenaline and other stress hormones into the blood stream, which drastically alter the functioning of every cell, muscle and organ in the body. If fear is strong enough, it can practically paralyze a person. Fear normally results in frustration, and frustration causes anger.

Mr. Moritz goes on the say that anger changes the flora of the gallbladder, bile ducts, and small intestine. Constant angerdrives up blood pressure and weakens the immune system. Anger also triggers the release of noradrenalin that becomes damaging under the influence of heavy stress.

Another example is insecurity. If you feel insecure in your life, your bladder may begin to contract with symptoms such as difficult, frequent, or painful urination. Bladder infection is a common ailment among women who feel insecure and unprotected in their lives.

Here is the link to the article: https://www.ener-chi.com/the-physical-side-of-emotions-and-emotional-healing

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